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Muscle Spasms

Sep 13, 2021

Welcome to Season Two of Muscle Spasms on Be Frank Network with Mara and Elysia as they take a deep dive into the ever-confounding concept of METABOLISM. We've all heard about foods, supplements, activities that "boost" your metabolism-- but what does that mean? Does puberty or menopause affect metabolism? What even *is* metabolism other than a word thrown around the world of wellness willy-nilly? If you stop working out for a while does it slow down? If you buy metabolism-boosting teas, capsules, or powders does it speed it up so you can lose weight faster with less energy expenditure? Based on a worldwide study of nearly 7000 people over 4 decades, the girls discovered a resounding "NO" for all of the above. Tune in to hear how metabolism is measured, how to work with what you've got, and how to avoid scams claiming to speed up an un-speedable process. Resources for this episode, articles, abstracts, and methods are listed in the links below! Check it out, stay smart, stay happy, and stay moving! 
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